President’s Message

“In all thy ways acknowledge Him and he will direct thy paths ” (Proverbs 3:6).

Truly the Lord is good and He is causing Calvary Midwest Bible College to grow into new dimensions of blessings.  He is blessing you as well because Calvary Midwest Bible College now exists as a new alternative to furthering your Christian Education.  Calvary is a place of excellence, and exists to help develop leaders for the new millennium.

In exchange for students investing their best, Calvary Midwest Bible College will invest its best. We enlist the skills of professors who provide excellence in teaching and in mentoring. We will provide opportunities for service in a variety of settings. We will allow you to grow through cross-cultural experiences. We will invite you to participate in lectures and special events. We will provide models of excellence in worship to shape and renew your spirit.

Calvary Midwest Bible College is meeting the challenges of the new millennium.  We are offering in class, distant learning and external degrees on the undergraduate and graduate seminary level.   You can earn an Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s or even Doctorate degrees at Calvary.

The External Degree program (off campus program) is now made available to persons who wish to further their education, but whose circumstances will not permit them to attend a traditional college. These degrees will not be just purchased but will be earned. This allows the pastor, evangelist, missionary or lay-member to continue his/her study without leaving their principle calling or field of labor. The student will work at his/her own pace and can complete the prescribed courses without hampering the ministry. In fact, these courses will be usable in your ministry.

When appropriate we can even monitor your research program across the Internet. This course of study will be beneficial to you for many years to come. Perhaps your church may even be interested in sponsoring your expense in earning your degree! There are many pastors and evangelists who never had the opportunity to earn a Bible College degree or a graduate seminary degree. Calvary Midwest Bible College now fills this need.

You can be assured these courses will have an academic excellence. You will be proud of your distinguished diploma and the fact that you are alum of Calvary Midwest Bible College and Theological Seminary.  We look forward to having you as a part of the Calvary Midwest Bible College family.

Dr. Charles A. Sims, President