Admissions Requirements

A person who wishes to apply for a degree program at Calvary Midwest Bible College and Theological Seminary should contact the Dean of Admissions, who can discuss goals for undergraduate degree or seminary study, provide application materials and guide the application process. The Dean can also provide information about field education and financial aid, as well as make arrangements for a college visit.

Applied Personal Life Experience Credits / APPLE (80 hours maximum)

Applied Life Experience is one of the foundational principles of CMBC.  Applying individuals life experience is a Biblical principle and as such allows Calvary Midwest Bible College to both meet it’s Mission statement of providing an economical educational experience at the same time as attracting diverse and well rounded students.  Life experience credits allows many students to obtain credit for work experience in many ministerial areas.  For this principle to work, the student should provide as much additional, verifiable sources of information concerning their education, work experience, training, certificates, degrees, letters of accommodation and diplomas.  Verifiable sources include but are not limited to company letterhead, official transcripts and original documents.

Degree Program Admission

A student must make application for acceptance into the program. (Notification of acceptance comes through the College Admissions Office.)

Students may take up to 12 hours of graduate study before formally applying to any Graduates/Masters program.

3.0 GPA must be maintained in such graduate work

  • Associates Degrees 60
  • Bachelor’s Degrees 120
  • Master Degrees 36
  • Doctorates Degrees 30

Credit Transfer Disclaimer

I understand that the Calvary Midwest Bible College and Theological Seminary, Columbus, IN is primarily a religious school. Credits are not guaranteed to be accepted by secular or state run programs.

Accrediting Commission International is primarily a private school association unrelated to government accreditation.