Common Core Courses

Common Core Courses – (all Associates and Bachelor Degrees)

Biblical Law I, II

Credit Hours: (3 hrs each)  Contact Hours:  (48 hrs)  Semester: 16 weeks 

Careful and in-depth treatment is given to the books of Genesis through Deuteronomy.
 These books make-up the Law or the Pentateuch. They are fundamental to Theology.

Examination is also given to origins or beginnings. Consideration is given to these books as instruments for the initial revelation of God.  Elementary Hebrew and additional reading in the Masoretic text are also tools of this course.

New Testament Survey I, II

Discover the context, content and meaning of New Testament writings.   Special attention to the Church’s origin as a sect within Judaism, its separation from Judaism and its movement toward the establishment of creed, canon and episcopate. Development of an in-depth understanding of the authors, places, and names.

Life of Christ I, II

This course carefully studies the Gospels. A comprehensive study is made of the events in the life of Christ and His teachings as they relate to Christians and the Church. Elementary Hebrew and additional reading in the Masoretic text.

Old Testament Survey I

An overall examination of the Old Testament canon is essayed. Attention is given to the names and authors of individual books together with their respective outlines. Purpose, date and addresses are areas of pertinent consideration that are treated.

Bible Doctrines I, II, III, IV

A prerequisite for Systematic Theology.  A study of the various doctrines found in the Bible, i.e. the doctrine of God, the scripture, Ecclesiology, Soteriology, Echatology, angels, and Satan to name a few.  A systematic treatment is given of the various doctrines.  (Highly recommended for Church Leaders)

Bible Lands I, II 

An exciting geography course which studies the bible lands.  Significant reference is made of wall and book maps.  This course also depends heavily on Old and New Testament travels of Bible characters.

Bible Literature:  Credit Hours (5 Books, 4hrs each)   Contact Hours:  Self-Paced


This course carefully studies the entire writings of the Bible. A comprehensive study flowing chapter to chapter is made of the events, places, and characters of the Bible.

Bible Literature: Credit Hours (5 Books, 4hrs each)   Contact Hours:  Self-Paced