Our History

The President and Founder of Calvary Midwest Bible College & Theological Seminary (CMBC) is Dr. Charles A. Sims, who is a Bishop in the P.A.W., and founder and Senior Pastor of Calvary Community Church. Over 40 years ago, Bishop with just his family and a handful of members started the church.

Calvary Midwest Bible College was founded September 14,1998 in Columbus, IN to meet the needs of experienced men and women from all areas of industry, business, education and the helping professions. The College provides off-campus, distance-learning programs designed for students capable of independent self-study, who are willing to assume a large measure of personal responsibility for their education. The learning programs at Calvary Midwest Bible College provide students with all of the necessary guidance to assist them in organizing and focusing their efforts for optimum results within a reasonable period of time.

Since its inception, Calvary Midwest Bible College has held a basic belief that an individual’s multiple learning experiences can be measured and assessed for academic comparability and equivalency.   As such, CMBC provides college credits for real, life experiences as well as career related training classes.  This principle is one of the cornerstones of a CMBC educational experience.

Another one of the principal objectives of Calvary Midwest Bible College is that of providing a comfortable human environment for personal growth, development, self-expression, greater learning and demonstration of competence.

Students of Calvary Midwest Bible College have accepted the challenge of completing their degree objectives utilizing the College’s off-campus, on-campus, self-paced approach to education. Experienced adults with an interest in a

Bible College program which grants appropriate recognition for prior occupational and educational achievements will recognize that Calvary Midwest Bible College can assist them in meeting their personal educational goals.

Calvary Midwest Bible College exists to serve the educational needs of students in the states as well as many foreign countries.  Through God’s blessings, Dr. Sims has now nurtured Calvary into a ministry that serves hundreds.  Dr. Sims plans on spreading this same success to CMBC, with Distance, Honors and weekly college courses