“Now is the Time to Prepare for Ministry!”

To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the heaven (Eccles. 3:2). As Solomon has said, “there is… a time for every purpose”. Even so as God’s dispensational clock of grace winds down, now is the time to pursue our purpose as never before.

go ye into all the world

Now is the time to commit yourself to more faithful and diligent study. Now is the time to live your life, “On Purpose”. Now is the time to enroll at CMBC, an accredited and biblically sound institution where you can work toward your degree at your own pace, and with affordable tuition.

Exciting Academic Programs!

Calvary Midwest Bible College and Theological Seminary (CMBC) has a course to meet every need. From our Certificate Programs to Graduate Degree programs, CMBC prepares workers for kingdom business.

CERTIFICATES in Biblical Teaching, Education, Ministry, Spiritual Leadership

ASSOCIATE DEGREES in Christian Education, Ministry, Theology

BACHELOR DEGREES in Spiritual Leadership, Theology

MASTER DEGREES in Biblical Studies, Divinity, Spiritual Leadership, Theological Studies, Theology

DOCTORAL DEGREES in Spiritual Leadership, Theology